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Dalam LinkShare kami memacu keputusan – kami tidak akan berpuas hati sehingga anda mencapai matlamat. Linkshare menyediakan kepada anda suatu jaringan (networking) yang hebat; teknologi terbaik dan kepakaran dalam pengurusan kewangan untuk pembangunan individu dan organisasi; menguruskan kempen perniagaan secara berkala serta mencapai keputusan yang dihajati atau diingini.

LinkShare telah mendapat penghormatan dianugerahi “ranking” pertama Top 20 Affiliate Marketing Networks oleh MThink- Revenue Performance Magazine. Keputusan anugerah ini telah diumumkan di Affliate Summit West 2012 semalam, 10 Januari 2012. Lihat petikan berikut:

Anugerah ini diberikan berdasarkan soal selidik kepada lebih kurang 5,000 orang terlibat dalam penyelidikan (survey) pada tahun ini termasuk pengiklan (advertiser) dan pengeluar (publisher)

Lawati laman web LINKSHARE

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Boleh baca di website ini LINKSHARE News
Kalau malas hendak pergi ke website itu, baca petikan ini:

“We Bring You The 2012 BLUE BOOK Top 20 Affiliate Networks

These rankings are derived from our biggest ever survey of affiliates, publishers, advertisers and agencies in the performance marketing industry. Over 100,000 responses were analyzed, weighed and then allocated to the various networks, and then cross-checked with industry experts before we arrived at the final ranking positions. It is important to note that these rankings are not just a popularity contest. If we only evaluated the sheer number of votes for each network, then the biggest networks would simply swamp the smaller ones. What we try to do is also look at the quality of support for each network; enthusiasm, reputation and influence all play a part in reaching our final opinions. The result is a list of the world’s best CPA networks, with a good mixture of huge networks and small, and of boutique, invitation-only networks and million-affiliate behemoths. Evangelize the power of performance marketing. 2012 awaits.

Our Winning CPS Network LinkShare

Linkshare received significantly improved support from both affiliates and merchants in this years survey, a result of investment in new technology and a great publisher experience.In combination with a fine portfolio of e-commerce clients like Macy’s, AT&T, Lego, Avon and Office Depot, this was enough to push LinkShare above some very tough competition.

Apa hebatnya Linkshare ini, lihat pada rajah di bawah:

Lihat senarai affiliate program Top 20 di bawah:

LinkShare earned this year’s top spot based on the strength of its platform, quality of support and international capabilities.

2.Commission Junction
CJ is the best at balancing the relationship between the merchants, the network, and the>
Absolutely the overall best performance marketing network in the world today is ShareASale.

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